Common Elements In Call Centers

The average call center has a number of core departments and functions, but needs to be adaptable. This is because of the wide range of services that the company can offer to potential clients. However, at the very core, call centers are about interacting with customers in a variety of roles and tasks. There are cases where the interaction is non-vocal and strictly by e-mail or chat, though these options usually pale in size compared to their voiced counterparts. The specifics can change from client to client, sometimes dramatically even in companies within the same industry, but the main types of customer contact available will remain the same.

One of the most common – in terms of sheer public perception – would be sales and telemarketing. These include the people that make calls to people during bad times of the day, attempting to secure meetings for sales or promoting one product or another. They have also branched out to include offering catalogues and other marketing materials. There are also the much rarer inbound sales divisions, which exist to take and process orders, but do up-selling as well. This type of work is perhaps the most easily exposed of the various forms of call center work for the typical frontline agent. Incidentally, this is also where the reputation for being pushy and obnoxious stems from at times.

One of the larger markets for call centers is tech support accounts. This can include support for anything from refrigerators and microwaves to heavy-duty industrial servers and high-end desktop computers. In essence, if it has electronics and most problems can theoretically be fixed without specialized tools, it likely has a tech support line. However, a large number of people working these accounts have little actual knowledge of the product and have very detailed flowcharts on problems and possible solutions, along with procedures. This creates the critical weakness of being unable to improvise when something out of left field comes along.

There is also the old classic: customer service. Having a reputation for being able to fix problems that no other department can – even if this reputation is entirely undeserved and unrealistic – customer service is arguably one of the most stressful of possible call center roles. It also happens to be one of the most crucial to the long-term success of a client.


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