Call Center Survival

Call centers can be very taxing, very stressful workplaces. The amount of pressure to perform well and to meet all of the metrics is extremely high and it isn’t impossible for many agents to crack under the strain of that kind of work environment. Thankfully, in the few years that it has been around, a few people have managed to pick up on a couple of ways to help relieve the stress that comes with the call center working environment.

One of the most common things that have been said about surviving the call center work is to let the offensive things said by some customers simply roll off the shoulder. Angry and irate customers are part and parcel of the nature of the work, to the point where they are essentially unavoidable. One of the first things that agents learn is to let comments made by callers just slide off their shoulders once the call is done. Otherwise, it’d be far too stressful and more than a few agents will end up in tears within a few weeks of the job.

Another “survival tactic,” particularly for those assigned to the graveyard shift, is to connect and socialize with one’s co-workers. This is a perfectly natural part of life in an office environment, but it is even more important in a call center environment. The nature of the job, particularly during the night hours, is one that requires a lot of immediate stress relief, but also denies a lot of said avenues. The result is that the best way to cut down on work-related stress is to socialize and connect with others. It helps that agents would be able to connect with each other fairly easily, thanks to a number of shared concerns related to the workplace.

Finally, it is advisable to simply leave the work behind in the office. All too often, the modern corporate environment pushes people into bringing their work with them even after leaving the office. Call center agents must quickly learn to leave it behind and forget about it once their shift is done, because it will otherwise make it difficult to relax otherwise.


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  1. They said that the most difficult task is to be a callcenter agent because of the night schedule and pressure on the job.

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