Oops… Never Do These Things to an Angry Customer!

So you just got done convincing another customer to avail of the HCG drops package your company sells when you heard the screaming voice of a man who seemed to have awoken on the wrong side of the bed. It turned out that he is apparently blaming you for selling the same diet regimen to his wife, who is now so hooked on it that all she wants is to speed up the process of losing weight. Well, it is your job to promote your company’s goods, but whatever the customer does upon making a purchase is no longer within your control and basically none of your business anymore.

However, you can’t reason with someone who is fuming mad and irrational at the same time. And basically, there are a few other things you should never dare to do!

Make threats

“Stop yelling at me or I’ll put the phone down.”

“Who are you to yell at me?”

If you have ever said anything like this, then you must not be a good fit for a call center job. Part of your training has something to do with maximum tolerance and mastering the art of staying calm and patient. Your day will never be complete in the absence of an irate customer. But you will only aggravate someone’s anger if you threaten him. Also, you can say goodbye to your job right there and then.


Trust me, a customer will never let you win in an argument. Sadly, most people these days have lived by the philosophy “the customer is always right.” While they may be wrong, they will continuously insist that they aren’t. Also, don’t forget how customers may spread a bad word about you or the company you work for.

Hang up the phone

Intentionally disconnecting the call isn’t only rude but is a big NO. Whatever the customer’s mood is, you are professionally bound to deal with it until you are able to solve his problem.

Lose your cool

Sure, you get to the point of being so fed up with the behavior of these rude customers. But never raise your voice or do anything that will compromise the reputation of your company or your job.

Working for a call center is indeed one of the toughest jobs one may experience. Behind the handsome pay is a string of challenges. Dealing with angry customers is a given. Take it or leave it.

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