How Angry Customers Can Help Improve Your Business

Every business receives a few irate callers now and then, and every business owner has prayed that it never happen again. Of course, the majority of people shy away from confrontation, but for any business person who gets an annoyed and dissatisfied customer on the phone, the stakes are higher than personal emotion and embarrassment. Every angry customer who contacts you might be a customer lost. Business and commerce revolves so much around consumers that losing a customer can mean a significant loss in profits and a blow to the company’s brand name and image.

Of course, there are other ways to see these confrontations that are not as stressful as the loss of livelihood. Complaints from customers are a part of running a business, and depending on the severity, business people see them as a waste of time, resources, and energy. An apology and a free gift basket might be enough to satisfy the customer, but the business owner’s reaction to the complaint should not end there. It’s not enough to pray that it never happens again — you should take steps to make sure that word doesn’t get out.

There are many reasons that a customer might get mad at a company and a product. What you, as the business owner, have to do is determine whether the complaint is justified and take measures to see that the same incident is prevented in the future. For example, you, the proprietor of a grocery store might receive complaints that your produce is wrongly labeled and mispriced. Of course, you can fire the individual whose job was to place the stickers, but always remember that the ultimate responsibility falls on your shoulders. Hiring people who you know are trustworthy is a step that can help you grow your business better.

A call from a complaining customer can be thought of as a call to improve your business. When angry customers call you because they can’t figure out how to open your new and improved cans, because their packages have not arrived at the specified time, or even because your customer service sucks, these are all feedback on your business and they can help you determine which parts of the company you have to improve to give your customers the best service or products in the industry. Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business, small or big.

Any individual in business, from Forex brokers to restaurant owners to street peddlers should take angry clients for what they are: an opportunity to grow a business in the right direction.

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