Dealing with Angry Customers the Right Way

You prepare before you log in. You review all the FAQs related to your client product. You put your best foot forward in every call you handle. You might be the best call center representative in your office. This, however, does not exempt you from having an angry customer. To make it worse, whatever product you have – whether it’s as adorable as a diaper cake or as complex as computer software, there is always that chance to get an irate customer.

You know the consequences of an encounter with an irate customer: low self-esteem, possible negative effects on your performance, emotional stress and exhaustion.

Save yourself from these bad effects. Know how to pacify angry customers.

1. Let them speak up. Now, you might think this will be bad for your stats, particularly in your AHT. The call may naturally take longer than usual, but remember that your goal is to pacify your customer. Don’t interrupt them when they speak. Let them express their anger by talking to you.

2. Lend them your ear. For some customers, all they want is to have someone who will really listen to them. And you, as that ‘someone’, have to do it with sincerity. Don’t do it half-heartedly. You’ll be surprised to find out that you actually understand them better and even empathize with them when you listen carefully. Doing this would also help you in giving them the solution to their problem since you noted all the details of their concern.

3. Say it gently. No matter how harsh or rude the customer has been to you, don’t let this affect the way you talk to them. Speak in a gentle and friendly tone during the entire conversation. It should be like that even when you know that it’s the customer who’s at fault. This doesn’t mean that you need to take all the blame. You still need to inform the customer if he did something that caused the problem, but do it gently. Also, always assure the c that the problem can be fixed. And in case it can’t, be honest about it. Then, provide him the next best option.

You have to accept that angry customers are already part of the deal of being a customer service representative. You can’t change that fact. What you can do is deal with them the right way.

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