Common Reasons Customers Call In Angry

Anger is a very human response. It is also a very common response for people who find a need to place calls on company hotlines. The simple fact is that they likely would not be calling a company to hand out compliments and are, instead, more likely to respond with rage and indignation over something. In some cases, the matter can be trivial and barely worth the effort it takes to navigate through the complicated phone trees. Other times, the issue is much bigger and their anger is quite justified, though the caller himself may not be entirely aware of that detail.

One of the most common ways for a customer to get angry enough to call is if their order never arrives. This occurs for a number of reasons. There is the possibility that the shipping department got sloppy and the order hasn’t even left the warehouse. The sales team could have screwed up badly, forgetting to place the order or failing to inform the customer of a cancellation. Then there is the unenviable situation where it is not the company’s fault but the carrier’s. Perhaps UPS lost the package en route or the DHL truck mysteriously disappeared in between its mandatory stops to check its status along its path.

Another common reason for anger is if they fail to get a promo or discount they felt they deserved. For example, they input a special Newegg promo code on the website for a discount on a product they wanted and, instead of applying it, the site ignores it. Sometimes, the customer doesn’t even bother to get confirmation that it didn’t work – after all, the final charge displayed should be all the confirmation they need. Depending on the reason the code didn’t work, the agent might have no trouble at all with this sort of call or may end up wanting to take a few minutes’ break afterwards.

Of course, technical failures abound in a world obsessed with technological minutiae. So it isn’t surprising that tech support also gets its fair share of angry calls. The problem with this is that while the calls are common, the reasons aren’t always the same. Two completely different causes can lead to the same problem, not to mention the situations where even experts can’t tell what’s wrong, never mind how to fix it.


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